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The One-Stop Shop Security Powerhouse for your Discord Server
CaptchaBot is a machine-learning enabled CAPTCHA verification bot which offers many unique security features e.g. Raid Detection, Built-in Anti Virus, and more! Additionally, a global Report-DB is integrated into CaptchaBot which is used to automatically ban known Raiders, Self-Bots and bad actors.
CaptchaBot - Discord Captcha Security Bot CaptchaBot - Discord Captcha Security Bot CaptchaBot - Discord Captcha Security Bot

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Why you should use CaptchaBot

ML Powered Verification

Discord Captcha Bot Neural Network

With more than 500.000+ users automatically scanned and 60.000+ bad actors found, you can be sure that your server is safe from any kind of automated attack thanks to our constantly evolving Machine Learning algorithms. Our Machine-Learning Algorithm uses continuous learning, which means it's getting better without manual intervention.
Our network returns a confidence score, which allows you to customize how secure you want your server to be by posting extra security challenges if the confidence score is below a certain level. To customize your security level, visit the CaptchaBot Console.

Global Reports Database

To prevent bad actors and automated accounts from joining your server, we've developed a public reports database that keeps track of every bad actor that CaptchaBot came across. The Database is and will remain public for everyone. To visit the CaptchaBot Database, click here. If you are a developer looking to contribute to our Database or use our database for your Bot, view our APIs!

Discord Captcha Bot Report Database and Global Ban List

Automatic URL Scanning

With the launch of URLGuard, our community-based URL rating system, we are also protecting your server from members posting ToS-breaking URLs that were reported to the CaptchaBot Team. To report and check a URL, click here!

Automatic Virus Scanning

Disclaimer: Due to the amount of Processing power required, this feature is only available to Premium members. To purchase Premium, click here!

Whenever a file gets uploaded to your discord server, CaptchaBot will automatically run an antivirus scan with up to 56 AntiVirus engines to protect you and your community from Viruses and Trojans.