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The easiest way to protect against bot attacks

CaptchaBot AI Powered Verification

AI-Powered CAPTCHA Verification

To make CAPTCHA Verification for new Members as uninstrusive and simple as possible, we are using deep learning to figure out which accounts are likely to be legitimate and which need to manually complete a CAPTCHA to verify their legitimacy. CaptchaBot is continually learning and evolving the neural net during regular operation, meaning it can automatically adapt to and filter out new techniques used for automated bot attacks.

Security Made Easy

Not just a Captcha Bot

On top of our super-simple and easy to understand verification system we make sure your server is as safe as possible by providing many unique security solutions which build on top of the strong foundation laid by the verification system. CaptchaBot can also use Deep Learning to automatically detect and remove NSFW Media sent in Non-NSFW marked channels. Try CaptchaBot today and give our security and moderation tools a shot!
CaptchaBot Anti-Dox and Anti-Grabber keeping your server safe

Engineered by us, perfected by you

CaptchaBot Anti-Dox and Anti-Grabber keeping your server safe

Ultra-High Customisability

To make sure CaptchaBot fits in perfectly in any server, we focused on allowing you to customise CaptchaBot down to the core features. This will allow you to modify CaptchaBot's core features, even some Embeds sent to users, exactly to your liking! Our Console also automatically previews what the finalized Embed will look like so you don't have to tediously test everything yourself.

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