CaptchaBot V2

A Machine-Learning powered Anti-Raid Anti-Selfbot and Anti-Spam Discord Bot.


Command Alternates Description Required Permissions
c/auth c/authorize Sends you the login credentials for the web interface via direct message ADMINISTRATOR
c/setup Starts the CaptchaBot Setup Process. ADMINISTRATOR
c/help Sends a list of commands to the channel none
c/support Sends an invite to the support server along with the Support Hotline Number none
c/verify Used to start the Verification Process none
c/report [Mention Member] [Reason] Sends a report to the CaptchaBot Reports Team. Used to report Raiders, Spammers and Selfbots (Will be added in 2.0.3) none
c/enable_logging Enables CaptchaBot Logging for the Guild ADMINISTRATOR
c/disable_logging Disables CaptchaBot Logging for the Guild ADMINISTRATOR