An Artificial-Intelligence Powered Security Bot for your server



Command Description Executable by
c/help Sends a list of all commands Users
c/verify Starts the Verification Process Users
c/invite Sends a link to invite CaptchaBot to a server Users
c/premium Sends a link to the Premium Store Users
c/report Report someone for violating the ToS Users
c/redeem Redeem a Premium Key Users
c/checkpremium Check the status of your Premium subscription Users
c/support Sends a link to our Support server Users
c/setup Start the CaptchaBot Setup Process Admins
c/auth Sends you the login credentials for the Web Dashboard Admins
c/enable_logging Enable CaptchaBot Event Logging Admins
c/disable_logging Disable CaptchaBot Event Logging Admins
c/logchannel Set the channel to use for logging Admins
c/scan Start a security scan Admins
c/purge Automatically kick members who have been blaclisted globally Admins
c/setprefix Set a custom prefix Admins

Industry Standard Security for your Server

With over 1.000.000+ Users scanned and 140.000+ Global Reports issued you can rest assured that the work you put into your server is safe from malicious users.

Powered by Machine Learning

Our Verification Algorithms are constantly evolving and make sure that verification for members is fast and easy!

Configurable to your liking

Here's a list of features we're proud to have:

  • Web-Dashboard
  • High Performance
  • 99.998% Uptime
  • Community-Centered

We want to keep you, our lovely community, deeply involved in what exactly we are working on! If you have any suggestions, we'll add them!

Are you ready?

6000+ happy server owners use CaptchaBot. Are you ready to supercharge your server security?